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I want winter to be over immediately! I dream about lots of sun, green leave and grass
To make Risotto with mushrooms and Pecorino cheese. Yammy!
Germany trip
Trip to Germany to see my very good friends and to have lots of fun
Novelty at home
to have a look at my new dish-washing machine. Now I won't do it manually. Hurrah!
film making
want to make a film
LA trip for son
Son gifted bday flight to LA 6/20-26, I don't have theme park $. LA city passes= $250 x 2
Creative work
I'd love to make some wall art or paint a HUGE painting for someone.
a new car
i have a 97' astra and need a new car
A trip to Italy
Want to learn to sky dive
A new job
working out doors with animals
sleeping with female classmates
No work tomorrow
Feet up, chill out, relax. Brew!
New Netbook
Just want get a new EeePC 1215N :P
nice & calm weekend
Sunny weather, 1-2 good movies, to go out & to have a picnic
Meeting with my girlfriends
To learn all latest gossip :)
nice & calm weekend
Just doing nothing
Working with an architect
I'm an architecture student and would love to get some experience in practice!
Sun, beach, sea
I'm sick of work! I dream about hot sand, blue sea and fun...
Holidays in Corsica
Sun, Beach, Sea, Paradise
cocktail party
lots of cocktails, music, friends & fun
A new car
He he nothing special just a new car ;)